Rivalry Launches Same-Game Parlay to Esports Betting

Rivalry Launches Same-Game Parlay to Esports Betting

Rivalry Launches Same-Game Parlay to Esports Betting

Toronto-based company Rivalry has recently introduced its esports same game parlay offering what will be known as “Same Game Combos.” This innovative product allows users to combine multiple bets within a single esports match, potentially leading to a higher payout. The feature is available for popular games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and Dota 2.

Rivalry’s Reasoning

Rivalry’s CEO and co-founder emphasized the importance of appealing to millennial and Gen Z customers by introducing novel sports betting experiences that leverage technical and product innovations. This move, labeled as Same Game Combos, not only brings one of the most popular bets to an engaged esports fan base but also solidifies Rivalry’s leadership in the realm of betting entertainment. 

Reaching Younger Demographics

To ensure the success of this new product, Rivalry will continue to rely on data feeds provided by PandaScore, a well-known source of esports data. The company’s Director of Product Design, David King, stressed the significance of enhancing product depth and user options, particularly for their under-30 demographic with high expectations for entertainment products.

By meeting these demands and offering a meaningful user experience, Rivalry aims to enhance the overall value of its platform. 

Beyond the functional aspect, Same Game Combos will also feature custom branding and animations to elevate the entertainment value of Rivalry’s offering. This strategic approach hopes to create a distinctive sports wagering experience tailored to the preferences of the millennial and Gen Z audience, complete with unique visuals and interactive elements.

Fast Growing Aspects of Sports Betting

Same Game Combos will tap into one of the world’s rapidly emerging and well-liked betting methods which is a favored choice for casual users who seek the thrill of a more modest wager that holds the potential for substantial payouts.

This innovative feature, facilitated by data feeds, is expected to enhance player acquisition and engagement across Rivalry’s core esports betting offerings, which accounted for over 90% of the sportsbook handle in 2022. By allowing bettors to combine multiple legs within a single match, this approach can lead to higher odds and potentially greater payouts. 

Rivalry’s introduction of “Same Game Combos” marks a significant leap forward in the world of esports betting. By combining multiple bets within a single match, this innovative offering not only caters to the preferences of millennials and Gen Z customers but also enhances the overall entertainment value of Rivalry’s platform.

As the company continues to tap into the technical and product innovations that resonate with the younger demographic, it solidifies its position as a leader in the realm of betting entertainment. 


The potential for higher odds and greater payouts associated with “Same Game Combos” taps into the trend of increasingly popular betting methods, appealing to casual users who wish for excitement and potential rewards from modest wagers.

As Rivalry’s esports betting offerings continue to capture the attention of the audience, this innovative feature is set to boost player engagement levels.

Overall, Rivalry’s “Same Game Combos” not only exemplifies the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the betting industry but also reflects its dedication to delivering an exceptional and tailored experience to the next generation of sports and esports enthusiasts.

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