Limit Texas Hold’em is almost the same idea as No Limit Texas Hold’em, but is played a bit differently.  While in No Limit Texas Hold’em players have the opportunity to move all in at any point during the hand, Limit Hold’em doesn’t allow players to do that.  Limit Hold’em is played with a max betting system throughout.  This means that you can only bet a certain amount each time on the flop, a certain amount on the turn and a certain amount on the river.  On top of that, players can only raise a specific amount as well.  The main difference in terms of play between No Limit and Limit Hold’em, is that Limit Hold’em features a lot less bluffing than No Limit does.  There isn’t the option to push all in over the top of someone in hopes of getting them to fold their hand.  You are always playing to make a good hand, and also should be more willing to attempt to hit draws; as they will normally pay you off pretty well.  Players will still get two cards face down, and play with the five community cards that come out (the flop, turn, and river).

The hand rankings for Limit Hold’em are the same as No Limit Hold’em.  There are a few different types of games to play when it comes to Limit Texas Hold’em.  Cash game Limit Hold’em has grown to be more popular overall than tournament style.  Here’s a look more in-depth at both types.

Tournament Style Limit Texas Hold’em

While Limit Hold’em tournaments aren’t incredibly popular, they can still be very profitable for poker players.  All players will buy-in to the event and get a certain number of chips, just like in a No Limit Hold’em tournament.  The main difference between a Limit Hold’em Tournament and a No Limit Hold’em Tournament, is the types of hands that you should play.  It all really depends on the blind levels, if you have 5,000 chips and the blinds are 15/30, you can play the suited connectors and try to hit a big hand.  But just like in No Limit Hold’em, if you start getting short stacked, you need to sit and wait for your spot.  Of course in “your spot” you can’t just shove all in (unless you are really short stacked), but you have to get your chips in when you are in a good position to double up still.  So wait for a spot when you have a big pair or over cards, or even a fairly strong hand in a heads-up situation.  The betting for Limit Texas Hold’em is exactly like it sounds, you can only bet the size of the big blind, and can only raise the size of the big blind.

Cash Game Limit Texas Hold’em

Cash games are the more popular type of Limit Texas Hold’em currently.  If you buy in to a Limit Hold’em game, and say the blinds are $1/$2, the betting will be based off of the blind levels.  Limit Hold’em players can make a good amount of money if you know how to play it right.  The biggest difference between Limit Hold’em cash games and No Limit Hold’em cash games is that you have to be a good amount more patient.  You can still play a fairly wide range of hands, and do more with attempting to hit draws; but all in all, you want to attempt to put yourself in a position where you aren’t chasing cards all that often.

Limit Hold’em games, especially cash games, are fairly popular in casino’s and online poker sites.  Some players even enjoy this game more than No Limit Hold’em due to the fact that they don’t have to risk their entire chip stack in certain situations.