When you play 3 card poker, you will place an ante or a pair plus bet to start the game. The dealer will deal each player and his or herself three cards. Each player will examine their hand. The dealer’s cards will be face down and you will not be able to see them. The player who made the ante bet must make a decision to raise the bet or fold.

If the player folds then he or she loses their wager. If he or she raises, then he or she must make another play bet matching the ante. The dealer will flip his cards and he needs a queen or higher to qualify. If the dealer doesn’t qualify then the player wins his money back and pay even the bet. If the dealer qualifies with a queen or higher, then whoever has the higher hand wins.

If it appears the dealer’s hand is the higher hand but the player has a straight or higher, then the player wins not only the value of the ante, but also a bonus. It doesn’t matter if the dealer wins the higher hand if the player has a straight or higher. The bet will pay based on the value of your hand.

The winning combinations that will pay include the ace high or less, pair, flush, straight, three of a kind, and a straight flush. A straight may pay you 1 to 1, while a straight flush will pay up to 5 to 1, depending on the paytable. Always learn the paytable before you begin playing three-card poker.

The strategy with the bet or ante is to raise if you are holding a queen or better. Don’t fold if you are holding a queen or higher because your chances of winning are better. Many people like to play three card poker over five-card poker because you are playing against the dealer and it is only with three cards. You can win a lot of money playing three card poker and it is easy to play.

It is possible to have a tie with the dealer. It depends on the casino or the video you are playing online. Some casinos give the win to a player if the player and the dealer are tied. It isn’t common to have a tie with the dealer. A common strategy with a player is that if you think you might have a tie with the dealer, only raise if you think that the dealer doesn’t have a flush. If you have a flush, then raise.

However, if the dealer has a flush, it doesn’t matter you are tied, the dealer will win. The best way to tell that the dealer doesn’t have a flush is if you have all different suits. This lowers the probability that the dealer has all of the same suit in his or her hand.

Three card poker is a fun game to play online and in the casinos. You can’t get too hurt if you play strategically and don’t get too crazy with your bets.