Top 10 Wrestling Entrances of All-Time

Top 10 Wrestling Entrances of All-Time

Professional wrestling is much more than a showcase of athleticism. Wrestling is an entertainment spectacle where entrances often steal the show. Here are my top 10 wrestling entrances of all-time.

10 | Batista 

I debated the tenth spot on my list between Sandman and Batista. I ultimately chose Batista because I enjoy “The Animal’s” entrance slightly more than the Sandman’s walk to the ring. 

Batista’s entrance music is “I Walk Alone” by Saliva. He runs through the curtain onto the stage before squatting down as fireworks explode all over the set. Batista’s entrance always gave me chills as a young WWE fan.  

9 | The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior sprinted to the ring before going crazy in the squared circle. Ultimate Warrior’s entrance was upbeat and fun to watch as a fan. 

Warrior’s fast-paced song got fans on their feet. The entrance was unique in a time where most wrestlers slowly strutted to the ring.  

8 | “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most formidable characters that has ever set foot in a WWE ring. Stone Cold’s entrance was iconic yet straightforward at the same time. His music was the same couple riffs on repeat. 

However, Stone Cold strutted to the ring with a mean demeanor and usually whooped some ass in the process. 

7 | “Nature Boy” Ric Flair

Ric Flair is known for having one of the most lavishing entrances of all-time. The iconic Ric Flair strut will never be duplicated by any other wrestler in the business moving forward. 

Flair would stroll down the entrance ramp to the song 2001: A Space Odyssey with an extravagant robe while WOOOOOOOing for the crowd. Flair’s entrance made the Hall of Famer exude confidence to fans all over the world. 

6 | “Macho Man” Randy Savage 

This may be a contested opinion, but I believe the “Macho Man” Randy Savage had a slightly grander entrance than the Nature Boy. This is why Savage came in one spot higher than Flair on my list. 

The Macho Man would walk to the ring with “Pomp and Circumstance” blasting throughout the arena. Savage’s entrance was completed by including Miss Elizabeth. Miss Elizabeth was by the Macho Man’s side as he made the walk to the squared circle.

Having a woman on your arm when the Macho Man introduced Miss Elizabeth was rare, but she escalated his career to a Hall of Fame level. 

5 | Shawn Michaels 

When I watched Shawn Michaels’ entrance over the years, I could tell that “The Heartbreak Kid” was having fun strutting to the ring. Michaels entrance music was titled “Sexy Boy,” and he epitomized this name with his moves to the ring.

Michaels made the half-split flex famous in his wrestling career. Some people hate Michaels’ entrance, and others love it, but there’s no denying that it was a showstopping marvel.  

4 | Goldberg

Goldberg’s entrance, once he made it to the ring, was fairly standard. His entrance is unique because of the buildup to him walking through the curtain. Goldberg would be waiting in his private locker room as security guards would knock on his door.

His music would cause the crowd to start chanting, “Goooooooldberg, Goooooooldberg.” Goldberg busted through sparkling fireworks once he made it to the ramp. He would then throw two uppercuts and a kick as fireworks exploded on the stage. 

Goldberg’s entrance was strange, but it worked for the Hall of Famer. 

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3 | The Brood

The Brood consisted of Edge, Christian, and Gangrel. This group did not do much in the ring together, but their entrance was scary and extremely memorable. These three took on a gothic persona and utilized a vampire mentality in their entrance.

The lights would be turned down low with red highlights as these three rose through the top of the stage. The area around the group would light on fire once they reached the top of the stage. 

Once they got to the steel stairs, Gangrel would drink a cup of blood and proceed to spit it back into the crowd. If the Brood’s wrestling career were as successful as their entrance, this tandem would be enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame. 

2 | Triple H 

When Triple H walks to the ring, his opponents know that “It’s time to play the game.” Triple H has one of the most intense entrances in wrestling history. Triple H’s wet hair, water bottle toss, and pec flex perfectly accompany each other. 

When Triple H climbs up on the apron and spits his water with neon strobe lights, it’s quite the spectacle to watch. The entrance music by Motörhead has transcended to other places outside of professional wrestling.

Many professional and collegiate utilize “The Game’s” music in their respective venues to produce an intense gameday atmosphere.  

1 | The Undertaker 

The Undertaker’s entrance is the greatest wrestling spectacle of all-time. People paid money to see the Undertaker make the walk to the ring as “Rest in Peace” played throughout the arena. 

The bell would strike, the lights would shut off, and the music would hit. The Undertaker would slowly emerge through the curtain as smoke curled around his body. 

The camera would always cut to his opponent to visualize the fear that’s sweeping through their body. Wrestlers that have faced the Undertaker have said that watching him walk down the ramp was the coolest experience of their careers. 

Once the Undertaker maneuvers through the ropes, he takes his hat off to reveal his eyes rolled into the back of his head. I have been lucky enough to watch the Undertaker’s entrance in-person three times, and these were my favorite memories from a WWE live show. 

The Undertaker’s entrance will never get old even though “The Phenom” has called it a career.   

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