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Weekly Picks That Are Sure To Hit

The Bookie Breaker? Here are some picks this week to put you in front of the norm. Sit back, read, and enjoy some of the insight as we talk about what to look for this week.


A Recap


Well so far I’ve been a heater with the picks. I had an article the previous week specifically relating to the instability of Tennessee and it happened, the Volunteers took down the Crimson Tide. As well with my college football predictions, TCU took down Oklahoma State in overtime and Clemson beat Florida State.

For baseball, the Phillies keep rallying into the second round where they’re currently tied with San Diego in their series for the NLCS. The Yankees also advanced and unfortunately the Houston Astros stomped on the parade of the Seattle Mariners completing the sweep and moving on. For the NFL, Josh Allen proved the Bills to be the better team as of now and beat Kansas City in Arrowhead.


What To Look For


This week we get the NBA season back! But don’t be deceived, lots of projected winners are falling to quote worse teams due to lack of chemistry and the fact that it’s early. I’d advise leaning away from that, and going more towards college football.

This week, I like TCU now the current 8th seed in the CFB playoff to roll past Kansas State this week as they’re favorites by -170. The matchup between UCLA is a coin toss and could prove to be an upset against Oregon as the Bruins quarterback in Dorian Thompson Robinson is really something to watch and he definitely has the tools to come out a winner on Sunday.

Texas and Quinn Ewers will beat Oklahoma State. LSU could very well complete the upset as well to Ole Miss and could reconfigure the whole CFB playoff if they do so.


Extra Takes


In baseball, the Houston Astros are the team to consistently roll with in the playoffs. They’re experienced, they’ve won it all before recently, have great coaching, and consistent hitting that makes it hard to compete against. While the Yankees are a prestigious franchise with promise, I guarantee they will get lapped by Houston.

The Phillies and Padres series is really the more interesting one in my opinion. I’ve so far predicted both games right and I think it goes to at least 6 games with San Diego taking it. The Phillies are the hotter team at the moment, but once San Diego picks it up it gets dangerous.

They hit two back to back homers yesterday off ace Aaron Nola who’s giving up virtually less than 1 ERA and knocked him off the mound by the 5th inning totalling to 8 runs on the day with 5 in that inning. Manny Machado is doing his thing as per usual and if his cast of Josh Bell and Juan Soto keep it going, you’ll see them in the World Series.

Every game between the two is almost relatively even, so to decipher who to pick on any given day this upcoming week you have to factor the site of play and the pitching matchups between these specific teams. I usually lean towards the better pitcher but you have to look up their track record against a specific team and how they perform.

Also like I mentioned home field advantage is huge in baseball. Yesterday, Juan Soto couldn’t even see the fly outs. It was so sunny on their field and hot. While it helped a lot in the previous series against Los Angeles, being extremely loud, it gets really hot as well.

While in Philly next it’ll be at night and chilly. We’ll see how it plays out in Philadelphia these next three games in which San Diego has to take at least one win on this road tenure to stay alive. Gotta love this time of year.

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