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How PSG’s Champions League Exit Changes Things

Paris Saint-Germain, or PSG, just lost to Bayern Munich in the Round of 16 and are officially eliminated from the Champions League. This is definitely moving news, as they were the best team coming into this year and were favorites to win it all.

How will their exit change the chances for the other teams left?

PSG’s Exit

PSG’s players have been extremely busy as of late. Many of their stars went deep into the World Cup. Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe both faced each other in the Finals and produced one of the greatest games ever played. The World Cup has taken a toll on the players.

Mbappe missed the first leg against Bayern after suffering an injury. They would lose the first match at home. In between the series matches, Brazilian star Neymar suffered a season-ending injury that left him out for this past game.

All these injuries have added up as PSG were not able to keep their star-attacking trio healthy enough to play together. Bayern outplayed them in the second game to close the series out and advance to the Quarter Finals.

It comes as a disappointment because this team was clearly put together to go beyond winning a league title in France. This squad has been destined to win the Champions League with the recent addition of Lionel Messi.

PSG’s window looks to be closing as Messi could be on his way out as his contract is coming to an end. There are also early talks about PSG being open to offers for Neymar. With his current injury, PSG might lose value for Neymar and decide to keep him.

This loss could cost the Manager, Christophe Galtier, his job. After what seems like a disappointing tenure, PSG could look to find another Manager by the end of the season or into the Summer.

Who Will Take Advantage?

PSG’s exit is great for a team like Real Madrid. After Madrid took a commanding lead over Liverpool, they look to return home and close out the series next week. Madrid are destined to win the Champions League in consecutive years and look poised to take command.

Bayern Munich showed they are still as forceful as ever. Their tactical strategies are too advanced for their opponents to handle. Bayern will continue to be a favorite for their win against Paris.

Manchester City still need to win against Leipzig next week. After falling 1-0, a comeback is very possible to attain. If Manchester City wins, they are and will be favorites to win it all. However, their past years of falling short might prove they could be incapable of climbing this mountain.

Overall, PSG’s exit is great for all the other remaining teams. The worries of facing Mbappe and Messi at the moment are gone and is definitely the biggest worry for anyone they would’ve played. This should lead the way for the rest of the Champions League to be open for anyone left and full of surprises.


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