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Chelsea Fires Graham Porter and Rehires Frank Lampard

Chelsea is continuing to make headlines yet again with their change in Manager. The recent announcement of Graham Porter’s departure from the club was made official this past week.

After a very short and disastrous time at Chelsea, the club does not believe he is the right man going forward. Porter’s time at Chelsea only lasted less than 7 months which could be the shortest tenure for a Manager at a big Club.

Porter’s time at Chelsea saw only 12 wins from 31 matches. He will be paid a hefty severance package of over $22 million.

Manager Changes

Chelsea is going through an identity change at the moment with new ownership and essentially an over stacked roster. They need to ensure that this Summer they sell certain players and open more room for a lot of the new transfers made official.

Chelsea decided to rehire Frank Lampard as a temporary manager till the end of the season. The Chelsea club legend was already a full time manager for the club until he was sacked for poor performance.

Right after Lampard’s departure, Thomas Tuchel was appointed manager and saw one of the most successful seasons as Chelsea claimed their second Champions League title.

Tuchel was sacked earlier this year, again for a poor start to the season. His replacement Graham Porter was poached from his Manager job at Brighton.

Porter was signed on a $60 million deal over 5 years.

Graham Porter went through a very busy transfer window that saw Chelsea spend a record amount of money on transfers back in January. However, these new signings have not proved to show success in Chelsea’s fixtures since January.

Looking Ahead

Chelsea has been on the lookout for a long term suitor for the role. Options like Luis Enrique and Julian Nagelsmann are the most likely candidates.

While Chelsea was trying to select from a few managers, they felt that it might be best to start with a fresh start after the season ends.

Lampard’s role will work towards maintaining a mediocre season in the Premier League, and attempting to beat the defending Champions League winners, Real Madrid, in the Quarter Finals.

As a Club, Chelsea need to figure out many things going into next season. Reorganizing the squad depth is a priority for the Club and having the right long-term manager for the squad assembled is key.

Chelsea have a very young talented squad depth. Figuring out the right players to transfer and keep will be troubling but essential in order to fix the current problems.

Chelsea needs to prioritize signing a top Striker for their team. German forward, Kai Havertz, is not a suitable option to play forward every match. His role is more of a Central Attacking Midfielder who attacks and feeds the ball exceptionally well.

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