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Edmonton Oilers Are the Best Bet To Win Their Division With Odds at +275

The NHL western conference, and each division, are up for grabs this year, and the Edmonton Oilers are the best bet to win their division. Currently sitting at +275 to win the Pacific Division, Edmonton easily has the best roster on paper of any of the teams.

Why the Odds make this the best bet

At +275, the Edmonton Oilers are the second favorites despite having the best roster with 20 games remaining in the season. The Oilers are four points behind Las Vegas, the current favorite to win the Pacific Division, however, they lack the star power Edmonton has.

Not to mention the Oilers could very likely add some defensive help before Friday’s deadline, improving their already stacked roster. When a bet of 100 dollars returns 375 dollars, and the only thing that needs to happen is to have the Edmonton Oilers get hot, that is easily the best bet.

Las Vegas and Edmonton are +26 and +29 in goal differential, respectively. The teams are definitely going to be in contention for the long run, but if the tie needs to be broken, a guy named Connor McDavid is a very good reason to pick the Oilers.

Sleepers to be scared of

The Los Angeles Kings are currently +400 and are one point ahead of the Oilers in the standings and have a great combination of young skill and veteran leadership. However, to ease your mind if you do bet on the Edmonton Oilers, the Los Angeles Kings currently have a -1 goal differential.

The King’s -1 goal differential is currently 19th in the NHL compared to Edmonton’s 8th place. The Kings also have recent history with the Oilers, losing to them in the opening round of the playoffs last year.

Another sleeper would be the Seattle Kraken at +600. Seattle is the scariest team to the Edmonton Oilers because they don’t make any sense analytically.

Based on every scoring metric, they should easily have a worse record than they do. The defensive metric also doesn’t make up for the unpredictable scoring they have had this year.

Simply put, the Kraken just happen to score one more than their opponent, whether it be 1-0 or 7-6. Seattle also stands two points behind the Oilers and have a game in hand. However, The Seattle Kraken doesn’t have players that have proven to carry a team once the season gets tight.

This could be Edmonton’s advantage as a team that has already done this in the last two seasons. Overall, trust the Oilers and Connor McDavid, at +275, you can make some money on the Oilers to win the Pacific Division.


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