Bad Betting Beats from the Super Bowl(props, over/under, spread,,etc)

Bad Betting Beats from the Super Bowl(props, over/under, spread,,etc)

Bucs Dominate, Chiefs Struggle to Score in Super Bowl LV

To the surprise of football fans worldwide, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominated the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl 55. Tom Brady has been counted out before, but people expected this game to be much closer than it resulted. Bad betting beats resulted from the start and the end of a wild game, including the three-point favorite Kansas City Chiefs losing 31-9.


Going into this game, sports gamblers, including myself, expect plenty of points. With the over/under set at 56, it did seem like this could end up going either way as 56 is a decently high number for an NFL game. The Buccaneers defense locked down the Chief’s offense, holding them to just nine points. If you took the over, seeing that the Buccaneers were able to score 31 points, you would imagine the over hit rather easily. Bad betting beats with Kansas City offense disappearing on Sunday.

Bad Betting Beats- Props

National Anthem Under 2 minutes 13 seconds

If you enjoy betting on Super Bowl LV props, you know about one of the entire game’s earliest and quickest bets. Before the game officially kicks off, there is always a big ceremony with a famous musician or singer who performs the National Anthem. 

For this year’s anthem, a video was leaked of someone in a parking lot across from Raymond James Stadium recording the anthem’s length of the practice run. The reporter clocked the anthem in at 2 minutes and sixteen seconds during the rehearsal, and that changed the opening odds quite a bit. They narrowly missed out after very long and drawn-out final words of the anthem in a hilarious bad beat for those who took the under for the anthem.

Ronald Jones Anytime Touchdown (+225)

“RoJo” as they call him in Tampa Bay, is a big physical running back that splits carries with Leonard Fournette. Early in the second quarter Jones and the Buccaneers had a first and goal in which Kansas City denied Jones in multiple instances on scoring a touchdown. If you told me before the game that Ronald Jones would have multiple carries from inside the one-yard line, I would say that him scoring a touchdown would be a lock. Ultimately just a really bad beat as Jones had great opportunities to cash this bet.

Tyrann Mathieu Interception Yes (+315)

Early in the game, this bet seemed to cash very easily as Mathieu soared in to take one away from Tom Brady. This moment seemed to be a very key turning point and huge momentum builder for the Chiefs. Shortly after the play ended, the referees gathered together to discuss a penalty flag that was on the field. The ball was batted at the scrimmage line, but seconds before that, the referees threw a flag on Chiefs cornerback Charvarius Ward for holding. There were plenty of poor calls by the referees, but this flag negated a key turnover when there was minimal contact.

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Gatorade Color Blue +700

Guessing the Gatorade shower color is very close to a toss-up. With over six main choices, the betting odds jump quickly over the different variations. With the second-longest odds of them all, the Gatorade shower on Buccaneers coach Bruce Ariens was blue. I wouldn’t completely call this a bad beat, but it was a huge hit if this was a bet you placed.

Super Bowl MVP

Many people expected a ton of offense from both sides of the ball. For Kansas City, Super Bowl MVP’s top choices were Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce. The ultimate winner of Super Bowl LV MVP was yet again quarterback Tom Brady winning his fifth. Brady entered the game with the most Super Bowls and Super Bowl MVPs out of all players in the game. If you overlooked Brady in this bet, you could only blame yourself because Brady has been there and done that many times before.

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