Predicting The Teams To Get To The Final 4

Predicting The Teams To Get To The Final 4

People have the Final 4 in their minds, bracket season is getting busy and the sports world is getting ready to witness one of the greatest sporting tournaments in the world. While this tournament is completely up in the air, there are many teams who can end up on top.

While many teams are in contention to get to the Final 4, here’s my list of teams I believe could pull it off.


After winning the PAC-12, Arizona looks like a solid team that can go deep. I do see this team going through the South and finding their way to the Final 4. Arizona might go up against Alabama on this path. However, I do feel this Arizona team could prove to be a lot stronger and creative than Alabama.

Alabama is seeing one of its best seasons in school history, they are inexperienced as a program though. Arizona has experienced players and a system that has worked for a number of years successfully.

Due to the current outlook of both teams, I do see Arizona having the edge to make the Final 4 spot from the South.


UCLA lost a very close game to Arizona in the PAC-12 tournament finals. This team is still filled with stars of the College game. Having experienced Seniors has shown the maturity of this team. Being a 2 seed in the West could be put to the test as they might have to face the defending champions Kansas.

UCLA’s team this year seems quite special. They have the ability to go all the way and beat every other school. I do think that this team can beat Kansas. Kansas has been solid and it won’t be an easy matchup.


Purdue has been one of the best teams in the nation. Having a stellar season and one for their schools record books, they could surely look to go far. 7’4 Zach Edey has been one of the best players to watch this season. He has been helping lead this Purdue team become dominant on both offense and defense.

Purdue might have to face Duke, Kentucky, or Marquette on this path. They do look like the best team in the East as they would be a favorable matchup. I do see this team going all the way to Finals, they have a special core and are playing the game forcefully.


The Longhorns are my dark horse pick. This team has been fantastic all season! They beat Kansas in the BIG 12 Tournament Finals and showed dominance in that game. They do have the team depth to advance far in the Midwest.

I do see this Longhorns team beating favorites Houston to go through to the Final 4. Houston has been struggling with injuries and may not have the depth to go through a few games.

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