Final Four Best Bets From Each Region

Final Four Best Bets From Each Region

One of the most bets on sporting events of the year is finally here, and this article will break down which teams are the best bet to make the final four from each region. The way to make money during March Madness isn’t to hope your bracket earns the most points but rather to have money on the best teams at the best odds.

West Region

UCLA (+310) and Kansas (+320) are the favorites to come out of the region, which makes since Kansas is the defending National Champions and UCLA has been a top 10 team all year. One sleeper team to consider due to the payout on the odds is TCU (+2200) since they played in the competitive Big 12 and beat Kansas by 23 earlier this year.

Connecticut (+340) and Gonzaga (+390) are also teams to consider, but with odds that are similar to UCLA and Kansas, they aren’t worth the payout for the 3rd and 4th seeds. St Mary’s at +1100 is a risk since they have never made it to the Final Four, but the payout would be worth it.

Overall, I would look to another region to make your money as the odds and teams are too close together to accurately pick this region.

Midwest Region

Houston (+150) and Texas (+300) are the favorites for the Midwest Region, and rightfully so based on the regular season. However, Houston does have injuries, and Texas has had plenty of off-the-court distractions. I still like Texas at +300 due to the battle-tested schedule they played in the Big 12, so definitely place some money on the Longhorns.

The wild card in this region is the Miami Hurricanes at +1400. If Norchad Omier is able to play and isn’t hindered due to his ankle, the Canes can be dangerous. With great odds, the ACC player of the Year in Isaiah Wong, and the ability to score 80-90 on almost every team in the region, Miami is also worth putting some money on.

Overall, Houston and Texas are dominant teams that will draw most of the money but don’t sleep on Miami at the end of the day.

South Region

Alabama is the runaway favorite at +180, and rightfully so, as the tournament’s number one overall seed. Much will be made about their off-the-court drama, but when it comes to your wallet, you should bet on the Crimson Tide.

The sleeper in this region is Creighton at +900. A former top 10 team has all the experience and style of play to make the Final Four. Baylor at +550 is worth a look as another battle-tested Big 12 team that won the whole thing two years ago.

Overall, if you don’t want to bet on Alabama, pick a team that has good odds to cash out on your risk of betting against the tournament’s number one overall team.


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