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Compelling Spreads in the NBA: Wednesday, March 8

The final push for the playoffs in the NBA is well underway. We’ve seen lots of movement in the standings, teams surging with their newly-tooled rosters, and championship contenders facing adversity.

But, of course, there’s always an eye on betting in the NBA world, and Wednesday night sees some very interesting odds. Here’s a guide on what to keep your eye on going into tonight’s action.

Easy Money in New Orleans NBA

The Dallas Mavericks are on the road tonight against the New Orleans Pelicans at 7:40 PM Eastern Time. The Mavericks come into the contest with a 34-32 record and are currently the 5 seed in the western conference. The Pelicans enter with a 31-34 record which places them at the 10 seed.

Dallas has struggled to find consistency now with their backcourt tandem of Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic. The team acquired Irving via trade before the deadline, but they’ve continued to play .500 ball despite incredible performances from the pair.

Earlier in the season, New Orleans was one of the best teams in the west, but they’ve struggled mightily since Zion Williamson injured his right hamstring. Their recent play included a 10-game losing streak.

Dallas is a -1.5 favorite which, if you’re doing spread picks, is easy pickings. I’m surprised Dallas isn’t favored more. Though they haven’t been playing great basketball, they’re still levels above New Orleans, who will remain without Zion Williamson in this upcoming game.

Take Dallas to cover.

Miami Magic

The Cleveland Cavaliers are taking on the Heat in Miami on Wednesday night. The Cavs come into the game with 41 wins and 26 losses, good for the 4 seed in the eastern conference. The Heat have 35 wins and 31 losses and stand as the 7 seed in the conference.

The Heat have had a disappointing season. They appeared in the Eastern Conference Finals last season, and though they lost to the Boston Celtics, hopes were high for a return to contention this season. Though their play has been largely underwhelming, they’ve been playing better ball recently.

The Cavaliers are favored at -2. However, I’m not a huge fan of this spread. Vegas predicts this game to be close, and Cleveland has trouble winning close games. Combine that with the fact they are coming off a tiring overtime game against the Celtics and Miami’s recently-improved play; the Cavs are primed for an upset tonight.

Though it’s risky, I like Miami to cover the spread.

Upset Alert in Phoenix

The Phoenix Suns, despite an average season until recently, are now reloaded with the newly-acquired Kevin Durant. Their play has been reflective of a newfound resolve, which has earned them the 4 seed in the western conference with 36 wins and 29 losses.

On Wednesday night, they go against the Oklahoma City Thunder, a young, feisty team that has surprised the NBA with their better-than-expected play. However, they’re still not legitimate playoff contenders, with 31 wins and 34 losses.

Though the Thunder isn’t great and has no hopes of competing at the level that the Suns do, I would advise against picking Phoenix in this matchup. The Suns are favored at -13.5, a massive spread that never sits easily with me. The Thunder have competed well against some of the top teams this year, clearly trying to show they can hang with top-tier opponents. They’ve proved difficult to guard and can score in bunches.

For that reason, I like the Thunder to cover the spread.


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