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Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Betting Preview: Drivers

The fourth race of the F1 season, the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is going to bring some great entertainment. For the third straight year, Imola, Italy will host one of Formula 1’s 23 races.

With last year’s top performers underwhelming the fans thus far, here are the betting favorites to win this year’s edition of the 63-lap race.

Charles Leclerc: +115

Racing for Ferrari, Leclerc has been on fire to begin the season. He’s won two of the three races and finished second in the only race thus far that he hasn’t finished first. The 24-year-old is hot and the odds are in his favor to carry his momentum on to the next race.

Max Verstappen: +165

Max won the driver title last year, but he and fellow Red Bull racer Perez has failed to perform to their lofty expectations in the first few races.

Verstappen did win one of the three races, but he finished outside the top five in the other two. Look for Max to get back on track with a win here to save the beginning of his season.

Carlos Sainz: +800

Sainz Jr. the other Ferrari racer alongside Leclerc, has put his team in a great position with 20 races remaining. He hasn’t quite won as Leclerc has, but he’s certainly performed well, with two top-five finishes on the board so far.

It seems to be a matter of time before Sainz breaks the top spot this season, and here in Italy may be the time for Ferrari to demonstrate their dominance.

Sergio Perez: +1000

Though racing on the same team as Verstappen, the defending champion, Perez has actually performed better overall between the pair so far this year, though it is still very early and too early to judge a racer’s season.

Two top-five finishes and a podium finish are a great start, but Perez needs to start winning if he wants to help Red Bull to the win.

Lewis Hamilton: +1800

Well upstaged so far this year by Mercedes teammate George Russell, Hamilton needs some points here to get back into the top-tier, where everyone is chasing Leclerc right now.

His single-podium finish isn’t going to cut it for someone as dominant as Hamilton has been over the last several years.

Don’t be shocked if Hamilton makes his way to the very top of the podium in Italy, showing why he’s one of the greatest to ever do it.

George Russell: +2500

Hamilton’s teammate has been great so far, finishing in the top five in every race so far this year. The Brit is still looking to find his way to the top, but the trend is certainly in his direction as he sits second in the current edition of the driver standings.

With Mercedes in second, trailing just Ferrari, it’ll be his job to keep up with the leaders in Imola.

Lando Norris: +8000

The last couple of guys listed here have a shot to win it, unlike the others, but their odds are extremely low. Norris is one of the reasons why McLaren currently sits fourth, trailing the big boys of the three-team race between Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull.

With the next few races determining who is in position to win it all, Norris needs a good race to keep pace with the top-tier racers.

Daniel Ricciardo: +8000

Norris’s counterpart with McLaren, Ricciardo hasn’t performed as well as Norris has. If he wants to keep his spot he’s going to have to start performing this year.

The Australian had his best performance by far earlier in April in his home country, so maybe that will give him the spark he needs to vault into a top-five finish.

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